The first thing people see when they come to your business or facility is the exterior of your building. Regardless of whether they are clients, visitors, occupants, or employees...

Your building's exterior is the first chance you have to make a good and lasting impression. Regular cleaning of a building's exterior should be a top priority for any owner or property manager. Not just to maintain its optimal appearance, but also to minimize the degradation of your concrete, asphalt, and window glass.

ServiceMaster Clean of Halifax Region understands the importance of first impressions. Our highly trained professionals excel in cleaning the exterior of buildings and structures. From commercial window and entrance way cleaning to walkway and parking lot pressure washing.

Our commercial window cleaning services are second to none. Our technicians have the solutions, techniques and tools. We are able to remove dirt and stains from variety of different outdoor surfaces, paths, and parking lots.

We use exclusive products, equipment and methods to professionally clean the exterior of your building and improve its overall appeal. All while helping you to get the best ROI on your commercial buildings and facilities.

We offer a wide range of commercial building exterior cleaning services that will make your commercial property look its best. Regardless of the size of your commercial property or the extent of its outdoor area... We have the skills, tools, and resources to clean your property's exterior professionally and thoroughly.

ServiceMaster Clean offers many exterior building cleaning services to get your commercial property looking its best and keeping it that way

Pressure washing walkway


ServiceMaster Clean of Halifax Region will effectively assess the exterior of your building to determine the best products and methods required. We will find the best solutions to remove staining caused by carbon emissions, dirt, moss, mould, lime or other environmental contaminants.

Our commercial building pressure washing services are extensive. Walkway cleaning, parking areas, entranceways, and pedestrian paths are just some of the services offered. And we always protect the surrounding area including all plants and foliage while doing so. We provide regular exterior building cleaning to keep your commercial property attractive and safe from contaminants all year round.


The regular cleaning your commercial building's windows improves their appearance and extends the lifespan of the glass. Build-up of dirt and other environmental contaminants can etch glass and eventually weaken its structure over time. Properly cleaned windows also allow for additional sunlight into your facility.

ServiceMaster Clean can professionally clean all types of windows in any size building or facility. We utilize specific products and tools to eliminate built-up grime, debris, and other pollutants. This protects your windows from long-term wear and tear, enhancing the brightness of your establishment.


Regular pressure washing of parking lots and entrance ways at your commercial property has multiple benefits. It not only keeps them clean but also helps to extend the lifespan of the building and construction materials. Dirt and debris can damage, diminish and weaken asphalt, concrete and stone.

Over time, substances like salt, oil, and grime can accumulate in the asphalt, leading to the degradation of parking areas. Oil, especially, can make the asphalt weak and eventually lead to dangerous potholes. Pressure washing your parking areas and walkways will also remove the toughest stains. With ServiceMaster Clean your entrance ways, parking lots and the exterior of your properties will have a clean, and renewed look.

Did You Know?

Will the changeover to ServiceMaster Clean of Halifax Region be smooth?

With 70 years of commercial cleaning experience, we have perfected the transition of service from your previous cleaning vendor. With thorough planning; we will make the changeover a seamless process. The only difference you will notice is the obvious improvement in service and standards.

What are your rates?

All jobs are priced according to task, whether it is daily office cleaning, commercial facility cleaning services, regular carpet cleaning or a one off heavy duty clean. We then take into account variations such as equipment and materials used, employee density, traffic density, etc. in calculating the final cost. We would be happy to work with you to develop a customized cleaning plan that suits your needs. Click here to view our pricing pages.

Will we always have the same cleaner?

We strive to maintain continuity as this helps build a healthy rapport and trust with our janitorial services customers along with added security.