• Keep Your Office Clean and Fresh This Spring

    Keep Your Office Clean and Fresh This Spring

    Spring is a time of renewal and when we get to finally say goodbye to winter and slush season. It’s also the perfect time to give your office a refreshing spring clean to improve appearances, boost morale and maintain the health and safety of your workplace. Welcome this vibrant new season with these spring cleaning tips from the experts at ServiceMaster Clean.



    ServiceMaster Clean of Halifax Region recognizes the contributions of TerryLynn Sherriff

    While TerryLynn Sherriff only recently joined ServiceMaster Clean of Halifax Region at the start of this year, in a few short months, she has very quickly become an integral member of our ServiceMaster family.  TerryLynn is not just an essential employee for us, she is an EVERYDAY HERO in our business for simply being her!

  • Winter Floor Care

    Winter Floor Care

    Winter can be equally hard on commercial hard surface flooring as it is on carpets. Rock salt, sand and other ice-melt products used on sidewalks and roadways are unavoidably tracked indoors during the snow and ice season, and it can wreak havoc on all types of carpeting and floors.

  • Start the New Year with a Healthy Facility

    Start the New Year with a Healthy Facility

    As employees return to the workplace in greater numbers this year and concerns about virus transmission and infection remain, businesses and facility managers will continue to focus on hygiene and social distancing practices and to improve protocols and standards for commercial cleaning and disinfecting in public and shared indoor work environments.

  • Keep It Clean At The Office Party

    Keep It Clean At The Office Party

    It’s the time of year when office holiday parties kick into high gear. The office party is a great way for employees to unwind and bond; for clients to be rewarded; and sometimes cut-a-rug with the bigwigs. No doubt almost everyone loves a party. But even small parties can bring big cleanups. ServiceMaster Clean is here to help you with that planning.  

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