ServiceMaster Clean of Halifax Region

recognizes the contributions of

Alex & Madrine Robia

Alex and Madrine Robia rejoined ServiceMaster Clean of Halifax Region in early 2022.  In the two years that we’ve had the pleasure of reacquainting ourselves with Alex and Madrine, they have unquestionably become our company’s dynamic duo!  They are both true ambassadors of our business and most definitely our EVERYDAY HEROES!

As operators of one of our cleaning van runs, Alex and Madrine serve a number of customers and we are assured, each and every time, that every customer is served professionally and spotlessly!  If they notice something that might need attention, we can rely on Alex and Madrine to speak up with suggestions for improvement.  We can always count on our dynamic duo to help out wherever and whenever they may be needed.

At ServiceMaster Clean, we believe in the core values of

We Serve, We Care, We Deliver, We Do

Alex and Madrine Robia certainly embody the pure essence of our core values!  That is why we are proud to consider Alex and Madrine Robia our EVERYDAY HEROES

“Thank you, Alex & Madrine, for everything you do and quite simply just being you! 

You are most certainly our EVERYDAY HEROES!”