Healthcare Cleaning Services

Rely On The Industry Leader In Healthcare Cleaning Services

At ServiceMaster Clean of Halifax Metro, we know how critical it is to maintain a clean, safe and healthy environment of care for both patients and staff members. That’s why we take a thorough approach to deliver the highest standards of clean every time we enter a healthcare facility. From medical offices to hospitals, we have the proper tools and expertise to provide consistent results that address your specific needs.

Our Patient-Centered Cleaning Program Delivers an Exceptional Clean

We understand that patient satisfaction is more critical than ever. Along with creating a clean, welcoming environment for each patient, our Patient-Centered Cleaning Program is designed to help you exceed expectations.

Using industry-leading processes and extensive, customized training, our cleaning procedures have been developed to help a wide range of healthcare facility needs.

In fact, our signature Patient-Centered Cleaning Program can help with the following:

  • Infection prevention
  • Patient environment improvement
  • Overall patient satisfaction
  • Risk reduction
  • Cost management
  • Maximizing Return on Investment