Frequently Asked Questions

Will the changeover to ServiceMaster Contract Services Atlantic for Janitorial be smooth?

With over 60 years of commercial cleaning experience, we have perfected transitioning new office cleaning contracts, With thorough planning; we will make the changeover a seamless process. The only difference you will notice is the obvious improvement in service and standards.

What are your janitorial rates?

All jobs--whether Contract Services or Commercial Specialty--are priced according to task, whether it is daily office cleaning, commercial facility cleaning services, regular carpet cleaning or a one off heavy duty clean. Variations such as equipment and materials used are also taken into account when calculating the final cost.

Do you supply everything required?

We supply all the labour, equipment and materials required to carry out the task within the agreed price

How do we pay you?

Commercial customers are invoiced each calendar month and are given a standard 30 days from invoice date payment term.

What are your hiring practices?

We have a comprehensive screening process that ensures the most trustworthy and qualified people will provide janitorial service in your business. Candidates are security checked through the RCMP and interviewed with the world-class service worker profile create by the Gallup Strengths Center to ensure appropriateness and aptitude to provide "The clean you expect. The service you deserve." Our Commercial Specialty Cleaning Technicians are full-time, career professionals: the average tenure of Techs in Canada is 15 years of service. They are screened by the RCMP before hiring and receive 200 hours of job skills training per person and 50 hours per year in ongoing skills development. Our people KNOW commercial textiles, hard surfaces and modern office furnishings!

Do all staff receive training and development?

All managers, supervisors and Commercial Specialty Technicians receive ongoing and comprehensive training in the qualities to manage the sites and services they are allocated. All Janitorial cleaning staff receive in-house and on-site training in all areas needed to carry out their given duties. All Health and Safety issues and company policies are covered in their initial induction.

Will we always have the same cleaner?

We strive to maintain continuity as this helps build a healthy rapport and trust with our Janitorial clients along with added security. Our Commercial Specialty clients can look forward to years and years of consistent care from your designated Technician.

Can you unlock/lock and alarm the building?

Since both Janitorial and Commercial Specialty cleaning normally takes place outside of regular business hours, this is a regular service that we provide to all clients, large or small.

Can we contact you outside office hours in case of an emergency?

We will provide you with an emergency phone number so that we can help you with any emergencies that may arise 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, facilities clients can have a pre-arranged Emergency Response Team designated from the Commercial Disaster Restoration specialists from ServiceMaster Restore. Call us today to receive a no-cost ERT plan meeting set up for your facility.

Why do you have 2 commercial services instead of one like other cleaners?

ServiceMaster Clean was the first company in North America to offer Business Services clients specialized franchises to serve their cleaning needs. The needs of hundreds of office tenants are different than those of scores of building managers so we have separate, focused commercial businesses. The labour force for each service area are also different and they and the tasks they perform are managed uniquely. Our Mission: We simplify and improve the quality of our customers’ lives. Our Goal: Ordinary tasks. Extraordinary service.